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11.04.09 - Join YEAH YEAH Out Loud on Facebook

YEAH YEAH Out Loud on Facebook

11.04.09 - "Discovering your inner 'cheer' leader"
Kathy Carpenter of YYOL presents at WAYEC 33rd annual conference “Discovering your inner ‘cheer’ leader”. Tools and methods available to early educators and parents for helping themselves and their children enhance self-esteem.

11.04.09 - Yeah Yeah Out Loud (children's self-esteem kit)
Join Krysta's Kingdom on KTV (SkyAngel/Dish) for 24 episodes.

11.04.09 - Electric Bear Studios Partners With Yeah! Yeah! Out Loud®

08.24.08 - Self Esteem Tools for Teachers
YYOL® joins Anke Otto-Wolf as a partner in Self Esteem Tools in Schools Campaign.

07.31.08 - YEAH YEAH Out Loud on Blog Talk Radio
YYOL featured on Blog Talk Radio host Tonya Ramsey; Journey to self. Listen and learn more about who/what/why you want to be YEAH YEAH Out Loud.

07.07.08 - Mom's Favorite Stuff
Cheering with Yeah Yeah Out Loud

05.22.08 - Regionz Kidz article "Growing Self Esteem" – Lisa Smith
For some parents across the country, weekends are measured in soccer game start times, baseball innings and tournament scores. Researchers estimate that over 14 million children play one type of organized sport and several of those youngsters play multiple sports depending on the season.

05.09.08 - The BAM Radio Network (BRN)
A joint project of Moving & Learning and Jackstreet Media, is pleased to announce that the network is receiving strong interest from grassroots parenting sites online.

04.10.08 - Portland-Oregon National Week of Young Child and YYOL Launch
In honor of the national Week of the Young Child being celebrated across the country, YEAH YEAH Out Loud, a children’s self esteem program for use in early learning environments (3-8 year olds) is "launching" its' home grown (Vancouver, WA) efforts.

04.08.08 - Mom's United in Business; Dedicated to supporting the working mom
As parents, we all want our children to feel good about themselves - that is inherent. Having good self-esteem is vital to kids achieving higher marks in school, staying away from drugs and alcohol, and leading an overall productive and healthy lifestyle.

04.06.08 - Doug Williams and Associates; Web designer for YYOL "Success Story"
Occasionally we get a chance to develop a website for an organization that will make a real difference in today’s world and Yeah! Yeah! Out Loud is one of those projects.

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