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Yeah Yeah Moments

You are such a good speaker. You shared many good resources. I would have liked to hear you read your story book and demonstrate how you use your puppets with little ones. Thank you for the puppet. I'm going to use Kiddazy at circle time tomorrow. We'll have a discussion on "giving compliments". I will start off by giving the flower to each child with a compliment. The next day, I'll let the children pass it around the circle with giving a compliment to the person they hand it to. I'm glad I ponied up for the conference. It has inspired me in novel ways.


We are doing a lesson on plants. The science part of the lesson will be how seeds grow. We are planting flower seeds to watch grow (which eventually will be Mother's Day gifts). The literacy part of the lesson will be to read YYOL®. The social part of the lesson will be how each of us grows when we have a support team to cheer us on. The cheers can come from external sources, like our families, teachers, friends, and it can be internal like when we tell ourselves, “Yes, I can do it.” I’ll supplement the lesson by creating a classroom flower garden bulletin board display. This garden will grow with good deeds. The puppets will be “catching” children being kind to each other, that child will earn a flower to put on the board. The math lesson will incorporate the shape sheets from the YYOL® curriculum.

Thanks so much for sharing this curriculum. It's very inspirational!

—Lisa, Port Orchard WA

Dear Kathy,

I am impressed by your exciting website and the work you are doing. You might find our latest book Parenting With Purpose: Five Keys to Raising Children With Values and Vision to be an additional resource for your parents to develop the five keys to self-esteem. We found this parent component significantly increased the effectiveness of school programs. This book has been nominated at the Outstanding Parenting Book of 2007 and is now available through and most book stores.

—Robert Reasoner

I do always remember you as being the one mom who always seemed like a bigger “taller” version of us kids. I felt that whenever I came over to play or stay the night, like I could do anything my little heart yearned to do or be…I think it was the love and support of all my family & friends from even those times as a young child…well it has kept me motivated all those years and I have finally been able to pursue and achieve my dreams!

—JL, Vancouver, WA

Appreciate and make use of the assistance / resources you are offered. Dreams and journeys are not completed / accomplished alone. It is hard to ask for, and accept “help” from others. This help is support that you will need and deserve; and you can pay forward when the time comes. Tell EVERYONE what you are working towards, you will be amazed at the ongoing support you will get and how much it will keep you on track.

These 2 women (Kathy and Mary-Margaret) have more honesty, integrity, and ethics then anyone I know. They are humorous, committed and passionate about “it takes a village to raise a child.”

—DD Vancouver

We are into our "growing spurt" and living the YYOL® philosophy. The kids enjoyed the initial presentation and we decided to work on some “cheer” leading routines that we'll use whenever someone needs a boost!

—Nancy, Vancouver WA

Thank you for your info, you gave me a whole new prospective in dealing with self esteem with a new slant, thank you.


It is a good supplement to our existing social skills curriculum

The book is colorful and my sons are loving the simple, rhythm of it. You can stick with the suggested script or have the children help you to create one. Of course, they also loved taking turns with the bright puppets and my oldest practiced cheering for his younger brother.

With YYOL, parents can sit down, enjoy a positive and uplifting playtime, and nurture the positive while ignoring all of that negative talk. In the end, it’s all about the cheer!s