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Parent Notes from Principles of Positive Parenting

by Gene Bedley

  • Parenting is a process. You never arrive with all the skills you need.
  • Parents are not trained to be parents; kids are not trained to be kids. Kids train parents, parents train kids.
  • It is more challenging to be a parent than to function in your job.
  • Parenting is a journey, not a destination.
  • Parents are the most significant influence in a child's life.
  • A parent is the greatest teacher a child will ever have. A parent and child certainly have the longest teaching relationship ever known.
  • It is not a question whether a parent is a teacher or, not, it's what is taught. Parents teach kids a whole new language before they come to school.
  • What you need to learn, you teach your child best. The greatest aspect of learning is through modeling.
  • Parent modeling that includes the unspoken as well as the spoken word is the most powerful force in shaping a child's life.
  • How you spend your time and money tell your children what you value, regardless of what you say you value.
  • Successful parenting is predictable, reliable and consistent.
  • Invest time with your kids! There's a difference between an investment that sounds good and a sound investment. There's no greater investment in life than your children.
  • Parents that affirm their children at least twice a day maintain a positive relationship regardless of problems they encounter.
  • Behind every successful child is a successful parent. I've never met a good child that didn't have a good parent.