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The story of puppets Hur-Ray© and Kiddazy® is a full-color picture book that is a fun and innovative way to bring imaginations to life. Role-play discussions build boys and girls self-esteem. What a wonderful way for your child to learn that he or she is special! Children blossom when they know parents are always there to cheer them on and be supportive.

Today’s factors driving concern for how children use their time: (AAP)

  • More families rely on outside child care or after school programs while parents are at work.
  • More families are aware that the first years of life are essential to future learning and want to make the most of their children’s time.
  • Structured and unstructured play proves an invaluable medium for developmental and emotional learning.

Through self esteem activities, children develop important foundational skills to enhance and refine their natural inclination to imagine and use this special ability as a powerful vehicle for developing language and creativity resulting in a positive self-concept. This gives them self-confidence, and successful images.

A child’s self esteem is as important to them as the air they breathe, this kit helps parents, big sisters and brothers, even aunts, uncles and grandparents foster an atmosphere in which self esteem can flourish.

YYOL® teaches all to find the inner “cheer” so you and your child end up feeling better about yourself and stronger inside. You'll teach them positive ways to deal with strong feelings like anxiety and bullying. And you'll discover the “YEAH YEAH” message and communicate to them the times when they’ll need it most!

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