Home schooling is a popular trend for many parents because they can track the progress of the child more closely then at school and know what is best for their child. Home schooling can be effective if the parents are committed and know what they're doing.

Home Schooling and Reading

By Rebecca Walker -- When it comes to how your child is educated, that is something which should ultimately be decided be you, the parent, who knows the interests of your child better than anyone else. Many children perform much better when being put into a formal education, while other children perform much better when they are being home schooled. Regardless of the technique that you decide to employ in order to teach your child, just remember, to always... more

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Educating Children At Home

By Jim Brown -- Many parents prefer to read children's books to educate their children about many facets of the world they live in. This form of teaching is colorful and makes learning fun and enjoyable for everyone. The topics for these learning tools can help a child develop intellectually, spiritually and help with the overall development of the child on a social, psychological, and intra-personal level. The storylines will often inspire children to lead better lives and the... more

Advantages of Home Schooling

By Rebecca Walker -- Falling out of favour in recent years, home schooling used to be considered a great way to monitor and enhance your child's intellectual development. Theories about poor social development and emotional exposure led to a downturn in the frequency of home schooling, despite the numerous educational advantages it can bring. By nurturing your child within the home environment, learning and education can seem more of a natural process, whereby your child gains the skills and... more

Home Schooling As An Alternative To Formal Schooling

By James Brown -- Home schooling is the only alternative in situations where the option of formal schooling is not available. This usually occurs where a child has learning disabilities or requires instruction that is more advanced than what children of the same age require. It also takes place in the case of missionaries, military families, or other families where the parents' occupation or profession require them to constantly travel from one place to another. There are also situations... more

6 Crucial Question To Ask Yourself When You Are Thinking About Homeschooling

By Donald Saunders -- Despite the fact that Homeschooling is legal in every state, the choice to homeschool should not be taken lightly. Research and discussion are required if you are to make the right decision. But, how do you ascertain whether or not homeschooling is going to be right for your children? Here are several questions which you heave to ask yourself when you are thinking about homeschooling as a possibility for your children... more