Teacher Resources

Teachers constantly look for ways to better themselves in teaching kids. Teacher meetings and teacher in service days are resources for teachers to get together to learn, share ideas and experience in teaching kids.

Some Teaching Tips

By Groshan Fabiola -- If you are thinking about teaching, there are some online teaching classes that can be helpful for you. If you are thinking about teaching, there are many different ways to consider this. This means that teachers should the experiential teaching component consists of gradual teaching experiences and the updating of knowledge on learning and teaching issues. Keep in mind that teaching Assistants are also expected to give evidence of their growing professional competency by participating... more

Teacher's Ethics

By Daniel Hunt -- Considering the fact that students spend a great part of their life at school, one may come to conclusion that schools contribute significantly into overall 'quality' of students' lives. No wonder that personality of a teacher is of crucial importance; moreover, some teachers turn into extremely important people for the whole life due to the impact they make while teaching us. It is good if this impact is positive and brings motivation for students, however,... more

Edwards Outlines Plan To Support Teachers And Strengthen Our Schools During "American Heroes Week"

By John Edwards for President -- While pay for CEOs and other highly paid workers has skyrocketed in recent years, teachers only earn a fraction of the salaries paid to other educated professionals. Edwards believes we need to give teachers the respect and resources they need to succeed. He will stand up for heroes like Dennis Petersen from Charles City, who taught for 35 years, including 27 years as an art teacher at Charles City Junior High, before he retired... more

Education Degrees For Aspiring Teachers

By Michael Bustamante -- Those who aspire to the challenges of teaching are required to obtain certain Education degrees to be considered for employment by a school. If you have always thought you would be a great teacher, you will want to obtain one or more degrees in Education from a good college or university degree program. There are several levels of Education degrees available, as well as many specialties you can choose. If you are just out of... more

Who Decides what we teach and how we reach?

By Bonnie Bracey Sutton -- It's been a little hard to sit through the hearings and the meetings on NCLB and on STEM in the last year. We as teachers have been blamed for policies that we did not create, but must adhere to. The outreach to the nation from one policy board that seems to understand, is entitled A National Action Plane for Addressing the Critical Needs of the U.S. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education System... more