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Our Story

Who We Are

Some people have “Ah Ha” moments. Kathy Carpenter has YEAH YEAH Out Loud (YYOL®) moments.

As the daughter of a hard-of-hearing and visually impaired father, Kathy had to be LOUD about everything. Her spirited, can-do attitude, nurtured as a child, blossomed with marriage and motherhood. “Being a mom is the best job I ever had” says Kathy.

The #1 fan for her two daughters, their friends and classmates too; Kathy became the quintessential cheerleader, understanding how vital unconditional support and encouragement are for children's healthy growth and development.

Through Hur-Ray© (the sun) and Kiddazy® (a flower) Kathy found the voice to spread YEAH YEAH everywhere.

While her children were in school she participated (through the support of her wonderful husband and working out of the house) with them not only in the classroom and on the playground but with their teams, bands, & clubs and also as a volunteer in the community.



Best told by Kathy herself, here is the story of how it all started:

Our youngest daughter’s soccer club was playing in a tournament. A rigorous schedule of 2-3 games a day…. It was cold and foggy. Parents on the sidelines cheered them on. I’m LOUD and kept screaming encouragement but by the 3rd game, 3rd day, and my voice was gone!

The only thing I could rev up and yell…was “Yeah Yeah”. When the team took 2nd place in the tournament, they all lined up after getting their medals and echoed that very same “YEAH YEAH” back to me! By that simple positive reinforcement, I was empowered to continue saying “YEAH YEAH” Out Loud at future events.

It became my trademark. When anyone heard it, they knew I was there somewhere in the crowd. “Yeah Yeah” was used for revving up a team when they were down, reinforcing good sportsmanship, to applaud effort and attitude or acknowledging a “proud for you” moment.

When the kids graduated and moved away to college, I thought my “Yeah Yeah” days were over. Being the “on-line Mom” I ended up fixing things from printers to friend issues; as well as just being available on the other end of a late night check in to say “Hey”. While they used common acronyms to chat, I found my own; YYOL®! They could “hear” me!

Then a special invitation came. It was a call from our “son”, then a college freshman, who invited me to be at “Mom’s weekend”. Being the “cheer” leader I am, I felt bad thinking I didn’t have any school colors/spirit items for his college.

It was this experience that was the inspiration which led to the creation of Kiddazy® and Hur-Ray© (a concept that evolved into a full blown self esteem kit) who have become symbols to represent that there is always someone there to “cheer” kids on!

Kiddazy® and Hur-Ray© are not limited to one school or group, but their faces say ”Yeah Yeah Out Loud” for those that need encouragement, regardless of nationality, ability or status.

So, this is what YYOL® is about…. Empowering kids to know they have the YEAH YEAH within; symbolizing their inner “cheer” leader.

Please share your YEAH YEAH moments with us!