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Creating Confidence in Your Children

YEAH YEAH Out Loud® has been our passion since 2004! We are so excited to share our hard work and resources in assisting anyone who touches the lives of our children, with new ideas on positive reinforcement for children. In our world, finding positive messages for children can seem difficult. YEAH YEAH Out Loud has a very clear mission that involves instilling self confidence in a child. Simply put, we want to promote positive self esteem in children in the classroom, home, with care providers and any community center or ministry that interacts with young children.

The YYOL® Vision


  • To develop and support positive self esteem through our YEAH YEAH Out Loud kit for children everywhere.
  • Make YYOL® a key, recognizable symbol for positive self-esteem.
how to promote positive reinforcement for children


  • To empower kids to discover their inner “cheer” leader.
  • To help them reach their full potential by demonstrating that collectively and individually they are capable of doing more than they thought possible, leading to lifelong successes.
  • Develop fun and inspiring solid foundation programs that foster positive self esteem while fulfilling national and state educational requirements.
  • Provide and support a web site that communicates clear and effective strategies and techniques to achieve sharing of positive self esteem methods and applications.


  • Early learning is the foundation for lifelong learning.
  • Families are our children’s first teachers.
  • All children deserve a time and place to be children, regardless of nationality, ability or status.
  • Diverse perspectives enrich children’s lives.
  • Play is learning.
  • We have genuine enthusiasm for what we do and are committed to “paying it forward” in whatever ways seem appropriate.
  • Being a “Mom” is the best job I ever had!