Child Development

A child's development depends largely on the environment they are raised in. Creating a positive environment and being active in your child's life can have a huge positive impact on a child's development.

Stimulating Child Development

By Rebecca Walker -- The development of your child is a complex and involved process, spanning a number of different physical and mental elements. Encouraging the mental development of your child, in terms of sociality, intellect and emotion is crucial in raising a well-rounded child to progress to adulthood, although it can often be quite difficult to think of creative and effective ways to stimulate this kind of development in your child... more

Improving Child Development

By Rebecca Walker -- The development of your child is something that you play an integral role in. For centuries scientists have debated whether intelligence stems from nature or nurture, however regardless of the role nature plays, the role of nurture cannot be disputed as one of the most critical elements in molding who your child will grow up to be. Your child's development of reading, writing and arithmetic skills will be best aided through ensuring that you give... more

Understanding the Emotional Development of a Child

By Anne Wolski -- Understanding the emotions of your child is extremely important as you are one of the most important people in his life. When he is about three years old, these emotions begin to really come into focus and he becomes aware of feelings of sadness, joy, love, fear, disappointment, anger, happiness, caring and hatred. Babies have emotions as well but they are mainly elementary emotions such as pleasure, fear, pain, discomfort and basically anything else that... more