Child Health

Your child's health is very important since every parent wants their child to grow up strong and healthy. To improve your child health they need to feed them healthy foods and encourage them to exercise through participating in sports.

Raising an Emotionally Healthy Child

By Shari McEnery -- Parents need to allow their children to work through certain processes that are natural to one's emotional growth. These are situations parents can't or shouldn't keep from happening to a child but rather be there to help them process the situation and work through it. These things include when a child fights with his/her friends, being left out of a group, people being unfair, etc. These can be very difficult situations to deal with and... more

Oral Health Tips for Your Child's Healthy Smile

By Blaise Breton -- Problems such as pain, dysfunction, underweight, and poor appearance can result greatly reducing a child's capacity to succeed in the educational environment. A healthy smile is a good indication of a happy child. Oral health experts are all in agreement that developing healthy smiles in children should start in infancy. CDC experts have promoted a set of pediatric oral health tips that if followed will help to prevent any child from suffering the embarrassment of... more