Special Education

Many schools are now mandated to providing special education programs to help kids with special needs. Special education classes are a way to help kids with learning disabilities to better learn by using different teaching methods then the norm.

Educational Evaluation of Student With Autism

By Theresa McFarland -- The student in this case study has autism. His name is Adam. Adam is seven years old. He is in a Special Day Class for Severely Handicapped students. Adam's 3-year evaluation needed to be completed to determine eligibility for his special education services. Adam has an advocate and parents who are intensely involved with his education. When the assessment plan was presented to the parents, they requested additional assessments including a functional analysis, occupational therapy... more

Education Services for Children With Autism

By Theresa McFarland -- Once a child is diagnosed with autism, families have many questions and concerns. One of the major dilemmas is determining how a child with autism will be educated. Each child is different with unique qualities; the education of each child with autism is determined by their needs and strengths. Autism is considered to be a spectrum disorder. It is a disorder characterized by symptoms that include repetitive behaviors or interests, deficits in social interaction and... more

Orange County Schools' Special Education Alliance

By Stacy Andell -- The Orange County Schools ' Special Education Alliance was created by the 28 districts in Orange County in 2003. The primary goal of the Orange County Schools' Special Education Alliance is to meet the need for a countywide system that can focus on special education. This includes offering staff development and training to school employees, creating leadership in advocating for legislative and administrative change, overseeing the decisions and rulings rendered by administrative agencies, offering a... more

Teaching the Autistic Child to Pay Attention

By Cheri Florance, PhD -- Visual attention is one of the four brain pillars that we all use to support our ability to understand the world around us. The brain relies on these four pillars - visual attention, visual memory, auditory attention, and auditory memory - to help us connect our sense organs to the brain so that we can manage our everyday lives. Many children that are labeled autistic are actually Visual thinkers, or what we call Maverick Minds... more