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Child Care Providers

Child care workers play an important role in a child’s development by caring for them while parents are at work or away for other reasons. In addition to attending to children’s basic needs, child care workers organize activities that stimulate children’s physical, emotional, intellectual, and social growth. They help children explore individual interests, develop talents and independence, while building self-esteem and learning how to get along with others.

By incorporating the three learning styles (visual, auditory and kinesthetic), the variety YYOL® offers can be effective in large or small group lessons.

Using toys as teaching tools can produce quicker and longer lasting results. Through interactive self esteem activities, children develop important foundational skills to enhance and refine their natural inclination to imagine and use this special ability as a powerful vehicle for developing language, and creativity helping resulting in a positive self-concept.

"Universally educators, researchers, and parents, agree that the first years of life are essential to future learning". (UNESCO)

  • Early learning is the foundation for life-long learning
  • Families are our children’s first teachers
  • All children deserve a time and place to be children
  • Diverse perspectives enrich children’s lives
  • Play is learning

Early experiences have a decisive impact on the architecture of the brains, and on the nature and extent of adult capacities.

Early interactions don’t just create a context; they directly affect the way the brain is wired.

-From Rethinking the Brain; New insights into Early Development by Rima Shore

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