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Meet Hur-Ray©

Hi, My name is Hur-Ray©

I am big and bright and live in the sky.

Yes, that's right; I am the SUN.

I am always shining in the sky, it's just that the earth spins around. When it does, you can see the Moon up in your night sky. While you see the Moon, I am on the other side of the world shining for other countries. And here's a secret, it's the light from my brightness that helps make the Moon shine!

In the daytime, you know I'm always there, even if I'm hiding behind a cloud. Why? Because even though it's cloudy day outside, it is still brighter than night time, right?! My job is to brighten the world, help things grow with light and warmth. Sometimes I see a special plant (or person) from way up in the sky that seems to need a little extra encouragement.

I make sure they notice the letters Y-Y-O-L® that make up my face. They stand for "YEAH YEAH Out Loud! ®" I am saying: "Hur-Ray© for YOU!"

One friend that needed to "hear" my cheer is a little flower. Once it heard my cheer, and then helped cheer on the other sprouts, Kiddazy® got a YYOL® face like mine.

We're the same, but different!

Even though Kiddazy® is just a little flower; it says "YEAH YEAH Out Loud"® for you too!

Now together we spread YEAH YEAH everywhere.

It seems like when I yell YEAH YEAH, it makes whoever it is I'm cheering for, feel good about themselves (like how it helped Kiddazy)!

Can you almost hear me cheering for you?

Let's cheer together!
YEAH YEAH Out Loud® for YOU!

"Hur-Ray© for you!"

Believe in yourself, and know that I will always be your special "cheer" leader!

Y       YEAH
Y       YEAH
O       OUT
L       LOUD®

And now you know how to cheer yourself on too!

Love, Hur-Ray©