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Meet Kiddazy®

Hi, My name is Kiddazy®

I was born in Vancouver WA; not BC; USA

I am a little dazy and I got my name from a kid...KID-DAZY, get it?

I was a little seed that got planted and I was trying to grow up.

There I was in the soil, it rained like it ALWAYS does in the Pacific NW and then everything started to happen really fast!

I was just a sprout, and the sun came up (like it does EVERY day) and made me feel warm and cheered me on.

First it said “Hur-Ray©!” (That's EVEN it's name).
Then it said “Yeah Yeah”!.
"Hur-Ray© for YOU"!
“YEAH YEAH Out Loud”!
Soon after that I started to open my petals facing towards the warm sun, and I saw the YYOL® on it's face.

Look at my happy face and see what you see!
The letters Y Y O L

Even though I'm just a little flower; I can yell “YEAH YEAH Out Loud” for you!

Now the sun is my best friend. Together we spread YEAH YEAH everywhere.

It seems like when I yell YEAH YEAH, it makes whoever it is I'm cheering for, feel good about themselves (like how it made me grow into this pretty dazy).

Can you almost hear me cheering for you?

Let's cheer together!
YEAH YEAH Out Loud for YOU!

Even when I can't see Hur-Ray© I can almost hear: “Hur-Ray© for you”

Believe in you and know that I will always be your special “cheer” leader!

Y eah
Y eah
O ut
L oud

Love, Kiddazy®

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