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The YYOL Kit will help you foster an atmosphere in which self esteem can flourish for the children in your life.

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Hi, my name is Hur-Ray©

I am big and bright and live in the sky.

Yes, that's right; I am the SUN.

Hi, my name is KIDDAZY®

I am a little daisy and I got my name from a kid....

KID-DAZY®, get it?

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Children's self esteem

Creating confidence in your children is one of the most critical steps as an educator or a parent. With YEAH YEAH Out Loud® self esteem activities (for early learning environments; 3-8 year olds), you can help encourage your children to expand their creativity, appreciate their uniqueness, and confidently reach for their dreams, knowing there is always someone to"cheer" them on.

Hur-Ray© and Kiddazy ®, the YYOL® characters, help to identify an "inner" voice. Their story shows children how to nurture and develop their "inner" voice into a "cheer" leader. Encouraging boys and girls to share the cheer is where the cycle of Hur-Ray© and Kiddazy's ® story gets Out Loud. YEAH! YEAH! (No narcissism here, to find your inner "cheer" leader, you need to be a good community member, and "pay it forward"!)